Indianapolis, IN: Paid family caregiver grants for caring for elderly parents and disabled adults through Indiana Medicaid

Paid Family Caregivers

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We Pay Family Caregivers

When seniors or people with disabilities prefer to receive help from family or personal friends, we can help make that happen. Kompassionate Care Services is an Indiana agency that pays family caregivers through the client's Medicaid benefits. If you are someone who is taking care of elderly parents or who wants to do more to help a senior or a disabled adult with Medicaid, contact us now to learn more about this Indiana Medicaid benefit. Kompassionate Care Services is dedicated to supporting paid family caregivers because this program fosters sustainable caregiving situations, supports the happiness of seniors, and improves health and quality of life for Indiana seniors.

Who Can Have a Paid Family Caregiver?

Who Can Be a Paid Family Caregiver

Types of Services Provided by Paid Family Caregivers

Family Caregiver Grants

Grants for Caregivers of Disabled

Are you looking for grants such as the following?

While states and other governments sometimes receive grants to support such programs, these grants are largely not directly accessible to individual families. However, with the help of Kompassionate Care Services, the Medicaid benefits described here can help seniors and disabled adults pay family caregivers and/or friends for in-home help.

Serving Indianapolis and All of Indiana

Kompassionate Care Services stands apart as Indiana's preferred provider for paid family caregiver services designed to make in-home care an option for many more people. We are licensed and ready to serve all of Indiana. From our offices in Indianapolis, IN, we provide state-wide coordination of arrangements for paid family caregivers, taking care of elderly parents, caregivers of disabled people, etc.

Customer Support and Fill-In Service

As Indiana's state-wide provider of Medicaid-paid professional home care services, Kompassionate Care Services provides full support for clients with paid family caregivers or other consumer-directed care arrangements. We can send our trained senior caregivers any time the family caregiver is out. We also have care coordinators on call for our clients and their family caregivers 24 hours per day.

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